Does Instagram Notify When You Take Screenshots of Close Friends’ Stories?

Introduction Have you ever come across something captivating or inspiring while browsing through a close friend’s Instagram story? Perhaps a gorgeous summer dress or a breathtaking view? It’s only natural to want to capture that moment with a screenshot. But then, a thought crosses your mind: could the person who posted the story find out that you took a screenshot? In this article, we’ll delve into this topic and provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot Close Friends’ Stories?

To put your mind at ease, Instagram does not notify users when someone takes a screenshot of their stories, whether they are close friends’ stories or posts on the feed. Unlike applications like Snapchat, Instagram does not have access to such data due to the absence of a built-in notification feature. So, you can rest assured that your screenshot-taking activities remain private.

“Instagram doesn’t notify people when you screenshot their stories, even if they are ‘Close Friends’ stories or when they post on the feed.” – Reference Article 1

Sharing Close Friends’ Stories

If you come across a captivating close friend’s story and another friend asks you to share it with them, you are free to do so. Someone can easily screenshot your close friend’s story and share it with others. The app does not track or record the activities related to your story or the stories you view.

Privacy Concerns and Lack of Notification System

Although Instagram does not notify users about screenshots, many people still feel uneasy about the lack of a notification system. It’s only natural to be concerned about friends and followers taking pictures without consent, regardless of how close you are. This lack of control over the privacy of your stories can be unsettling, as it may feel like a violation of your personal space.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to prevent others from taking screenshots of your close friends’ stories. Instagram does not currently offer any features or settings to address this concern directly.

Can Third-Party Tools Identify Screenshot Takers?

Many Instagram users wonder if there are third-party tools available that can identify the person taking a screenshot of their stories. However, we can assure you that such tools do not exist. If you come across any claims or advertisements suggesting otherwise, it’s best to approach them with caution. It’s important to be aware of potential scams or privacy breaches when searching for information on this topic.

“We can assure you that it is not possible; therefore, if you are truly interested in learning this information, you should search for other red flags.” – Reference Article 1

How to Prevent Screenshots of Your Instagram Stories?

While you cannot completely prevent others from taking screenshots of your Instagram stories, there are a few measures you can take to minimize the chances of it happening. Let’s explore two strategies below:

Method 1: Switch to Instagram Private Mode

Switching your Instagram account to private mode is an effective way to control who can view your posts and stories. If you frequently use Instagram, you are likely familiar with how private accounts function. However, we’ll guide you through the process in case you’re new to Instagram or have always used a public account.

  1. Open the Instagram app and log in if necessary.
  2. Tap on the profile icon at the bottom right corner of your feed to access your profile page.
  3. Tap on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) at the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Select “Settings and Privacy” from the menu.
  5. Scroll down and choose “Account Privacy” under the “Who can see your content” section.
  6. Toggle on the switch next to “Private Account” to activate it.

By switching to a private account, you ensure that only approved followers can view your posts and stories. When someone wants to follow you, they must send a follow request, and you have the option to accept or decline it. This gives you more control over who can see your content.

Method 2: Utilize Instagram Story Settings

Another way to restrict certain people from viewing your Instagram stories is by adjusting your story settings. This allows you to handpick the individuals you want to exclude from seeing your stories. To access the story settings:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap on the “+” tab at the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Select the gear icon to access the story options.

Within the story settings, you have the option to hide your story from specific individuals. By selecting the “Hide story from” option, you can exclude them from your story audience. This gives you the flexibility to control who can see your stories and reduce the chances of someone taking screenshots without your consent.

“With this choice, you can leave out more people from your story! You can always remove someone if you suspect they often screenshot your story.” – Reference Article 1


In conclusion, Instagram does not notify users when someone takes screenshots of their stories, whether they are close friends’ stories or posts on the feed. While this may raise privacy concerns, there are currently no built-in features or settings to prevent others from taking screenshots. However, you can minimize the chances of it happening by switching to a private account and utilizing the story settings to exclude certain individuals from viewing your stories. Remember to be cautious of third-party tools claiming to identify screenshot takers, as they are not reliable. Ultimately, it’s important to strike a balance between sharing moments and maintaining your privacy on Instagram.

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